Här är vad några av mina tidigare kunder har sagt om mitt arbete:

Our utility room was a mess. Linda helped coach me on low cost options to change the room to make it more functional. Now, it holds our shoes no problem, great place for the kids school gear, and it’s no longer a clutter zone. She also coached me on how to finish off our bedroom. We had new furniture, curtains, and the bedspread was completely the wrong color. She helped pinpoint places and styles to look for. We shopped together online, and found a great set on clearance. Ultimately, having Linda be our interior design coach saved us both time and money. She knew immediately what would work in our room, and where to find the pieces to make it work. No running around town, trying to figure it out. I plan to use her services again in the future.

~ Chari Smith, Portland


To get a house sold it has be the best looking house on the market at the best price. As a listing agent in I’ve come to depend on Linda Gemal’s skill and guidance to help me sell homes. She has suggests paint changes, then helps arrange furniture and furnishings to make the home look its best. We sold two properties in under 7 days with Linda’s help this year when the average time to sell is 6 months

Malcolm Ash, Real Estate Broker

Prudential Northwest Properties



Thought this may sound like something right off of the cable channels (think:HGTV), but wanted to pass on the experience we had with Linda Gemal, a color consultant/interior decorator/organizer extraordinaire.

We’ve all heard that being a good lawyer is not necessarily a matter of knowing all the answers, but rather knowing where to find the answers.  Getting outside-the-box (“box” being our home), professional insight helped us imagine our small bungalow in new ways–a bit like getting a not-so-extreme home makeover.

Anyway, Linda visited our home this past week and gave a cogency to our wall colors, furnishings, and storage needs.  She’s friendly, knowledgeable, and engaged without being bossy, if you know what I mean.  She spent two hours with us and emailed a written report of our discussion–a checklist for future work–the following day.  We felt it was money very well spent and highly recommend Linda should you want to “freshen up” the look of your space.

Best to all,

Gregory MacCrone, Portland


Dear Linda,

I cannot thank you enough for the four hours you spent with my on my home.  I am excited to put the finishing touches on the master bedroom and bath.  For me the best part of the time was spent on the office that I hated spending time in.

I have realized that the amount of furniture in that office was a huge factor as to why.  I am enjoying my view out the window too!  It is amazing how attached you get to things but that attachment is removed when someone else is doing the removing.  I really appreciate you getting in there and getting the job done.

All the ideas you gave me are things that cost me very little and some were free.  Your re-arranging services in the end will have saved me time and money while bringing me much joy to my days.  Thanks again and I look forward to picking out the wallpaper!


Danette Scales, Portland


“Linda is a real bargain because she comes up with creative ideas about how to work with what you already have to enhance your living environment by just adding or changing a few simple things. She would be great both for re-decorating or remodeling a home, as well as staging a house for sale. I was very happy with her work – it’s amazing how much of an improvement it can make by just rearranging your furniture and adding a few decorative pieces.”

Ellyn Stier, Lake Oswego



Linda was so easy to work with, and provided simple/economical ways to decorate. I especially, appreciated how she used accessories, and furniture I already owned and suggested new ways to use them.

Patty Cole, Lake Oswego


I was contemplating painting my condo with a sense of real panic since I have no sense of style and am virtually color blind. I am so grateful I found Linda to guide me through the process. She started by helping me identify what colors I didn’t like or didn’t want, and then skillfully let me discover what I really did want. The whole experience was pleasant, and I love the end result. I couldn’t recommend Linda more highly!

Keith Jones, Tualatin


Hi Linda,

Just a note to tell you that I am extremely impressed with your professionalism, determination  & follow up in assisting Carol with her home search in Portland. You may be assured that given the opportunity I will recommend you to anyone needing a Realtor or interior designer in the Portland area.


Michael Trzaska, Realtor


Working with Linda was as good as it gets. We weren’t even sure if we wanted to move and she was willing to take us around and show us possibilities of where we might live. She checked in frequently to see how we were doing. She offered to help us stage our home if we decided to sell. She was always upbeat and really easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking of selling their home and/or buying a new one. Or, if you just want to “spruce up” the one you’ve got, she can help you with that too.

Catherine, West Linn